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Towergirls: The Game


A fun filled adventure through a land of princesses, knights, towers, and dragons. Combines  grand-strategy and jrpg elements with Visual Novel Elements to tell a compelling story of many different sorts of romance and adventure.




 Growing up in Louisiana gave me a laid back personality about everything but my work. My work, the ability to create things, is my life. My education at USC only sharpened this sense of mine. I find it hard to get into video games unless I'm building something or learning something, and the best is when I do both. MMOs are also a passion of mine, and have been ever since I played Everquest back whe I was only just getting into videogames.

My work expands beyond what is shown here, including amature projects on various forums and design groups. The work here is my most recent set of items, released during or after my graduation, or are still in work with Personae Studioes. All of my projects, one way or another, are designed with monetization in mind, second only to player enjoyment.

I subscribe to two philosophies in my designs. The first is that the object of a game is to be entertaining. It must challenge a player without punishing them too harshly for failure. A good game is one that a player keeps coming back too, and makes them wish they could give more money to the developer. To this end, my second philosophy is that it is the job of a game to get the developer and his investors/partners/whathaveyou paid. All of my games are designed with fun for the players first, and monetization for the developers as a close second.

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