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PICS: Towers of Defense //

Play, Improve, Create, Share
What is PICS?

PICS: Towers of Defense, is a platform by which players can create, share, and play various tower defense maps of their own creation. They build these maps using assets and mechanics provided by our platform. In the game you will be able to either browse a public marketplace of maps produced by the player base, or create your own maps, with customized towers, resources, enemies, and locations. You can find out more about PICS: Towers of Defense at

Overall Goals

PICS is ultimately meant to be a system by which players can create, share, play, and critique one another's work in a simple and easy interface spread across multiple genres, not just Tower Defense. We decided to start there due to it's simplicity and it's popularity on mobile markets. Eventually we hope to also distribute assets created by other professionals, not just our own company's created visual assets.

My Job

I was hired by Personae Studios to be the designer of the project, building on the efforts of my predicessor. I design levels for testing, mechanics for all features from the map editor to gameplay. My ultimate job is to make the game profitable and fun, to design a system capable of sustaining a large community of designers and players who interact and spur on further creations, as well as giving them the tools to make actually fun games.

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