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Towergirls: The Game //

A JRPG-Grand Strategy Mashup about Cute Princesses in Towers.
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What is Towergirls?

Towergirls is an old project based around a "Choose Your Own Adventure" Chart about rescuing princesses. This game takes that basic framework, and explodes it into a JRPG-Grand Strategy Hybrid that is now in it's earliest stages. In it you will romance princesses, fight monsters, lead armies, manage kingdoms, eventually defeat the nefarious Dragon Queen, and perhaps, if you are truly lucky, find True Love.


You can find our various resources here:



Art/Lore Blog



IRC Chatroom: #Towergirls@Rizon

My Job

I take on the role of project manager for this project under the name "Hetros". My role is to update documentation, work out business plans, monitor analytics, be one of our public faces on various public forums, keep everyone on task, and organize communication between team members. I also organize project goals to maximize efficiency and insure that we are constantly moving forward, and provide grunt programming assistance to our Project Lead and Programmer.

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