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Mystic Empyrean: Rebuild //

An Interactive Webcomic MMO
The Project

Rebuild Empyrean was a joint project between Fancy Hat Studios LLC and Level 99 Games, with FHS providing labor and direction on an attempt to make an interactive webcomic game, and Level 99 Games providing consultation and their own IP to the project.

Project History

The goal was to set up a mechanism by which players could, en mass, put their own characters into a world and vote upon actions in order to direct the course of a civilization, whose story was told through the medium of a webcomic. Large level actions would be displayed cinematically through the webcomic itself, whereas more mundane acts, such as gathering food or building basic structures, would be controlled through a webgame much as players would build a farm in a facebook game.


Author: Camble Montgomry

Artists: Maddy Wahl, Elissae McMurrain


-Webcomic Archive

-Proposal Document

-Marketing Pitch and Mechanic Mockups


In the last gallery you can see art and story done by our various artists that is no longer available on the main resources.

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